Hi, I'm Mark. I know you, and I know what you want. You know me too - I was with you when you did what you like and felt truly free. And I kept every bright moment and created a special image based on it. Now it is yours. You will find it, I know.

You have already met Mark, now it's time for us to introduce ourselves. We are the MARKJBRASH team. We are the people for whom an idea and meaning are more important than just business. When creating our brand we were thinking about how exactly you would treat our clothes. We looked at these issues through the prism of our customers’ eyes and wanted the clothes to be something special for you. So that you can reveal yourself to the world, at the same time creating your own unique image, in which there will be enough space so you give all our drawings their own meaning.

Without exception, all the works that you will find on our clothes are the author’s creations of our artists and designers, and not faceless fashionable secondary pictures. It is more than just a print. You will see your reflection in these clothes yourself and pick up what is important exactly for you. 

Working with clothes now, working with such meanings, we have determined for ourselves - the clothes should suit you in everything:

  • Environmentally friendly, high-quality fabric made from 100% cotton.
  • Eco-friendly water-based paints that are almost not felt when touched.
  • Author's illustrations that will emphasize exactly your character and your style.
  • Comfortable models of clothes in which you can really do anything.
  • Fast and convenient service without the hassle.
  • Production in Ukraine - a truly domestic producer.

All this has become the foundation of our brand. We do not want to be one of many, as every our customer doesn't. We believe that you share our views, which means you can appreciate the clothes that we offer you.